We are still, and always will be, about medical cannabis

I just wanted to remind our followers and supporters who have expressed concern that, yes, the Ohio Rights Group is still pushing hard for Medical Cannabis rights in Ohio.  You may have noticed that much of the content on our website has had to do with the benefits of Industrial Hemp. Since late last year, we decided that to only fight for one use of the plant was falling short of fully realizing the benefits that this amazing plant could bring to the citizens of Ohio.  We are of the mindset that separating marijuana and hemp is difficult, if not impossible. They are one plant – Cannabis. For example, the non-psychoactive plant (hemp, if you will) can contain significantly more CBD (cannabidiol), the component of Cannabis now believed to have significant therapeutic potential, particularly for the treatment of breast cancer. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21566064  Science is teaching us that the therapeutic applications of  Cannabis significantly miss the mark when they exclude what hemp (CBD) has to offer.

If you read our draft ballot language, you will see that we fully intend to establish the rights for eligible Ohioans to grow, process, sell, and consume cannabis for therapeutic treatment of serious illnesses.  So please don't be dismayed or disheartened by the Industrial Hemp content on our website. We've not forgotten our ailing supporters.  We've simply expanded our tent to include all of the 50,000+ uses that we currently know of and this ballot measure will also leave open the door for all the uses yet to be discovered.  I challenge anybody out there to show me a superior effort to change the laws in Ohio for the benefit of Cannabis patients.  A better, smarter ballot measure simply does not exist.  There are competing measures out there, but all of them have serious fatal flaws that will render them DOA on the Secretary of State's doorstep.  We will be demonstrating this fact in the weeks to come so stay tuned.  

John Pardee, President
Ohio Rights Group