What We Stand For

The ORG Vision - What We Stand For

Within the State of Ohio, we envision:

  • That no person, who makes therapeutic use of the cannabis plant or derivatives of it, will be subject to surveillance, confrontation, arrest, prosecution, prison, jail, forfeiture or other sanctions based on such use.
  • That those who make therapeutic use of the cannabis plant will have numerous forms of consumption available to them that best manifest the benefits of the plant for their particular need.
  • That those who make therapeutic use of cannabis will have a sufficient and continual quantity to meet their therapeutic needs.
  • That the cannabis made available for therapeutic use will be free of contaminants and possess sufficient potency to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
  • That those who make therapeutic use of cannabis have the same rights to privacy and confidentiality, and to be as free from discrimination, as any other individual or patient.
  • That businesses, nonprofits and other types of organizations will have the greatest degree of freedom to operate, subject to reasonable regulations, in order to provide the quantities, products and services that are sufficient and continual to meet therapeutic needs.
  • That the industry developed to meet therapeutic needs operates in ethical, transparent, responsible and accountable ways that embody standards of best practice.
  • That the governmental bodies regulating the industry will be supportive of it, and will enact and enforce rules that are fair, unbiased, logical and constructive.