Take Action

Please volunteer and donate today!  The Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment has the potential to usher in a new sensible approach to cannabis, enhancing the lives of Ohio’s citizens and providing Ohio businesses and communities a wide range of economic development opportunities.  Our Amendment was drafted to free all of the benefits of the cannabis plant, from the many promising and proven therapeutic properties of the highly specialized medical strains, all the way to the health foods, green fuel and sturdy fiber found in the hemp crops that could be grown on Ohio farms.  

Our ailing citizens and businesses need your help.  With your support, we can give Ohioans access to safe, quality medicine and unlock a billion dollar industry in the process.  If we fail to act, our people will continue to suffer in pain and in prison and Ohio will slip further behind the other states that smartly move to a more sensible path.  It’s time to move cannabis from the black market to the stock market and The Ohio Rights Group wants Ohio to use its agricultural, manufacturing, transportation and research prowess to become a leader in this economy. 

The Ohio Rights Group and all the many farmers, veterans, elderly, ailing, imprisoned and unemployed citizens we represent need all of you to volunteer and to donate as much as you can so we can end so much senseless suffering.  Thank you for your generosity and support.