Petitions submitted!

ORG-033.jpgWe are delighted to announce that patients, parents, veterans, advocates and members of the Ohio Rights Group gathered this afternoon at the Ohio Statehouse to present Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine with 179 petitions from 60 Ohio counties containing over 2,000 signatures in support of the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment.

This submission is part of the process to place this proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution on the statewide ballot. By statute, Attorney General DeWine is charged with determining whether the measure’s summary is a fair and truthful statement of its full text, and must render his decision within ten days. Once certified, he forwards the measure to the Ohio Ballot Board, which will, within another 10 days, certify that the Amendment relates to only one issue. That determination will permit the ORG to commence a statewide campaign to collect the 385,000+ signatures of registered Ohio voters necessary for ballot placement.

It is after the Ballot Board’s certification that the real campaign begins. We’ll need to organize groups, meet-ups, events, fundraisers, and volunteers over the State of Ohio. There’s a role for everyone to make this Amendment happen. So join the team!

Remember, together we win!

The Ohio Rights Group