ORG Accomplishments 2013

What a year it has been for Ohio Rights Group. When 2013 began, the ORG didn’t exist. After it was formed on January 23, 2013, we hit the ground running.  And, we haven’t stopped since! This year alone, we:

Composed the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment, making it tangibly possible that the medical, therapeutic and industrial uses of the cannabis plant will legal in Ohio this time next year!

  • Incorporated and set up the Ohio Rights Group as a credible non-profit 501(c)(4) organization to advance the Amendment.
  • Activated volunteers in almost all of Ohio's 88 counties who are led by “County Captains.”
  • Formed affinity groups for veterans, students, children, medical professionals, law enforcement and hemp.
  • Created a formidable social networking presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each county and affinity group also has its own Facebook page.
  • Integrated social networking with the volunteer base to form a remarkable grassroots outreach network for gathering signatures and communicating our message.    
  • Collected an estimated 30,000 signatures as of September 2013. Completed petitions are in the process of being recalled in order to update that count.
  • Accumulated an extraordinary $1 million in earned media, beginning with a 10-minute WBNS “10-TV Presents” segment. More than 30 news stories concerning the ORG can be attributed to the Cheryl Shuman tour, and our campaign to highlight toll that the prohibition of medical cannabis has taken on Ohio children with intractable epilepsy was featured on Toledo News Now and several Youngstown media outlets.    
  • Attained the endorsements of Rep. Robert Hagan, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Veterans for Medical Marijuana Access, the Ohio Libertarian Party, Ohio NORML and its subchapters, former Cincinnati Police Chief Howard Rahtz, Cheryl Shuman, and most poignantly, Willie Nelson framed against his song, "You were always on my mind."
  • Established the Ohio Rights Group Educational Fund for educational and charitable activities.