Looking for Comfest help!

comfest.jpgHey all you activists and friends, we are having an informal meeting the entire weekend June 28 -30th at the Community Festival in Columbus. We will be sporting two dynamic booths and petition wagons this year and would love to meet you. So not only do you get to meet and mingle, hang out, listen to great music, enjoy the wonderful environment, but you also get to collect signatures! Many have been clamoring to get tapped in so this event provides yet another opportunity to do so, with this being one of the more fun signature and networking places without a doubt. The only thing better would be if every day were the Comfest way. You all will see what we mean when you get there. Comfest is an all volunteer run, party with a purpose, that has zero corporate sponsors. It is like our home base. For directions and program go to www.comfest.com. Thousands upon thousands attend and parking is a pain, so we suggest park and ride, taking the city bus from where you park. Ohio Rights Group is now scheduling folks in 3 hour shifts from start to finish all 3 days. Email Kenny@ohiorights.org Thank you everyone. Let us all meet each other! Send that email asap to make it easier for us to complete the task of scheduling and accommodate to the best of our ability. Looking forward!