Let's get this job done!

As you may know, the Ohio Medical Cannabis Association has transformed into the Ohio Rights Group. New name, same important mission of passing an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that ensures the rights of Ohio’s sick, dying and disabled to use cannabis therapeutically as medicine. We are honoring our commitment to your longstanding support with a motto of, let’s get this job done!call-to-action.jpg

Please visit our new website at:
and Facebook page at:

And to our OMCA and Ohio Rights Group volunteers and followers, thank you so much for your support and patience while we organize and staff up. We are entering a very exciting phase in our movement right now. Please note that we have scheduled some critical meetings this weekend and we will be making some big announcements in the coming weeks. We also want you to know that the ORG website will be getting an extreme makeover, so keep checking back for developments. Get ready, we are approaching critical mass and soon our message will be all over this great state. Much needed change is on the horizon!

John Pardee, President
Ohio Rights Group