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Welcome to the Industrial Hemp - Research and Resources pages. The State of Ohio is perfectly poised to thrive in the new growth economy posed by the industrial uses of hemp. Why? Because Ohio is the quintessential agricultural state, manufacturing state and distribution state, all of which are key ingredients to a growth market. Did you know:

  • According to the Ohio Farm Bureau: “Food and agriculture is Ohio’s top industry, contributing $93.8 billion to Ohio’s economy with actual farm gate receipts of $7.2 billion. There are 75,700 farms in the state with the average farm size being 188 acres. Ohio has a total of 14.3 million acres of land in farms.” It is ranked 11th nationally in the number of farms.
  • The U.S. Census Bureau reported that the "Manufacturing sector was the 2nd largest employer in Ohio in 2010, with 599,130 employees, and that "Ohio ranked 4th in the U.S. in number of manufacturing plants, with 14,729 such establishments."
  • In terms of logistics, the state ranks third in the country in total value of inbound and outbound shipments at $907 billion, and FIRST in value of outbound shipments at $244 billion. Ohio has the fourth largest rail system.
  • Ohio’s manufacturing and distribution muscle dwarf those of any state in which recreational or medical Cannabis is legal, including Michigan!

Ohio can be a Stronger and Healthier state with Hemp. These Industrial Hemp - Research and Resources pages can prove it! Please check back regularly for new studies, reports, research and other resources.

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