Donate to Ohio Rights GroupWe have a HUGE HUGE announcement planned for next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. We have a very special new addition to the Ohio Rights Group that will put our movement on the national stage. To ensure this is a smashing success, we need you all to help out. So we are asking all of our 5,000+ followers to donate at least $5 on this Friday. So this Friday (or before), please visit our website and make a small donation to help us cover the upfront expenses. Next month, our new game-changing superstar will be crisscrossing Ohio to help us energize the state, garner NATIONAL support for our cause and this event will put us a long way towards meeting our goal of getting our Amendment on the ballot. So please, donate no later than Friday. With your generosity, we are going to make history in Ohio. Thank you all.

United We WIn!

John Pardee, President
The Ohio Rights Group