How to Fill out a Circulator Statement

Steps for filling out the OCRA's Circulator Statement

Other than the individual signature pages, this may be the most important part of the petition for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment (OCRA). Please carefully read these instructions before filling out this statement. If you have any questions whatsoever, please ask by calling 614-300-0529 or sending an e-mail message to

The OCRA's Circulator Statement can be found on the very last page 12 of the petition. You will see five lines surrounded by text. Fill in these lines sequentially as follows:

Line 1.) Print your name. After “I” print your entire name, first and last.

Line 2.) Fill in the number of signatures on your petition. This can be tricky. Count ALL of the signatures on your petition no matter how many or how few. Count as a signature any box with a line through it or any box that has something entered into it. Do not count blank boxes. The logic here is that anything in a signature box is a signature until the Ohio Secretary of State determines that it is not. Place that number on the line preceding “electors.”

Example: Your petition has 33 of the 36 signature boxes filled-in, but one box has a line through it and another has a squiggle where someone started to sign, but then decided not to. Write the number 33 on Line 2.

Line 3.) Leave BLANK the line before “(Name and address of Employer).” This line is only to be filled in by paid signature gatherers. If you collected signatures voluntarily, you are NOT an employee. Thus, leave Line 3 blank

Line 4.) Sign the statement after “(signed)”. Remember, when you sign on this line, you are legally stating that you personally witnessed all of the signatures on your petition.

Line 5.) Write in your permanent address. Generally speaking, this will be the address at which you are registered to vote. Please include your city, state and zipcode.

Don't forget that completed petitions with signed Circulator Statements can be returned by mail or hand delivered c/o The Ohio Rights Group, 1021 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43205.