House Bill 214

bill-death-chamber.jpgRegarding HB 214: The Ohio House is where good Cannabis bills go to die. They are 0-5. In spite of Rep. Hagan's good intentions, this will not pass or what does pass will be a shadow of reform with high fees and overly burdensome red tape. Plus it says nothing about industrial hemp which is the part of our Amendment that will do the most in terms of revitalizing our economy. The only way to ensure our rights are reestablished, is by passing the Ohio Cannabis RIGHTS Amendment. It's in the name...rights. The only document that shields our reform from court intervention or legislative malfeasance is by reclaiming our rights within the Ohio Constitution. Trust me, we will show all Ohioans that the only real unfettered path to full cannabis freedom is our Amendment and we will prove it in the weeks to come. The "full legal" tease in HB 214 is simply red meat to get your attention. Who here honestly thinks the Ohio House is capable of delivering anything that specifically benefits Ohioans? Show of hands? Of course not. Unless it's a big corporation entitlement bill, it will never pass. What I see is that we got their attention and they know reform is coming and they want to control our movement to the benefit of their lobbyists. Our Amendment will be put on the ballot BY THE PEOPLE and voted on BY THE PEOPLE. Stay the course everyone. United we win.

John Pardee, President
The Ohio Rights Group