Hemp Resources

Quick Resources

  • Hemp Agronomy 101," by Hemp Oil of Canada, inc. 2006. Informative two page flyer. 
  • "Why Industrial Hemp?" by Vote Hemp, Inc. One page overview of the many uses of industrial hemp. 



  • Alberta Hemp Cost of Production & Market Assessment by Serecon Management Consulting, Inc for Alberta Agricultural and Rural Development, Economics and Competitiveness Division. March 2012. Feasibility study of Alberta’s industrial hemp industry value chain, including primary production and processing.
  • Considerations for Growing Industrial Hemp: Implications for Kentucky’s Farmers and Agricultural Economy, University of Kentucky, 2013 - This report examines industrial hemp’s potential as a viable crop in Kentucky. The report concludes that profitable opportunities may exist for a limited number of farmers and processors, particularly in seed and oil.
  • Report on European Industrial Hemp, European Industrial Hemp Association, 2010, p. 43 - This annual report discusses the newest developments and products from the European hemp industry.


  • "Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity," by Renee Johnson, Specialist in Agricultural Policy for the Congressional Research Service. July 24, 2013. Comprehensive report covering all aspects of hemp.
  • Hemp Chapter, Drug War Facts. Comprehensive listing of hemp-related facts along with linked source documents to support them.
  • Industrial Hemp Report, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, 2010 - The commissioner of agriculture identifies and analyzes industrial hemp laws and procedures in Canada or one or more of the other 30 nations where industrial hemp is grown as an agricultural crop. In particular, the commissioner reports on how law enforcement and other authorities differentiate between industrial hemp and marijuana growing in the field.


  • The Case for Hemp as a Biofuel, University of Washington, 2008 - This paper considers if using hemp to produce biodiesel and ethanol results in higher yields of ethanol than competing cellulosic crops including corn and switchgrass.
  • Global Hemp Website - This Web site explores industrial hemp as a renewable resource, explaining how it can be used in food, cosmetics, fuel, textiles, paper, cleaners and paint and building materials.
  • Hemp Fabric Goes High Fashion, Hemp Industries Association, 2008 - This association estimates that the North American retail market for hemp textiles and fabrics exceeded $100 million in 2007 and is growing around 10 percent per year, about the same rate as the general hemp market.
  • Hemp Oil and Hemp Fiber, Crop Production Costs, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, Manitoba, Canada, 2008.


  • Hemp, National Centre for Biorenewable Energy, Fuels and Materials, United Kingdom (UK), 2010 - Information on growing, harvesting and storing hemp in the UK and its uses as a non-food crop. 
  • Hemp, Alberta Agriculture and Food, Canada, 2007.
  • Industrial Hemp: A cropping guide for farmers, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 2007.


Trade Associations

  • Hemp Industries Association - Association working to change regulations and policies prohibiting the use of hemp for commercial purposes.
  • HEMPTECH, the Industrial Hemp Information Network - This network provides news services and other resources about the history and use of industrial hemp.
  • Vote Hemp - This nonprofit organization is dedicated to the acceptance of and free market for industrial hemp.
  • Hemp Report - A Canadian subscription-based online trade journal.

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