ORG: Does the ORG support “full legal”?


Short Answer: First, we must first take the sick, dying and disabled off the battlefield of the drug war by allowing the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis to alleviate their suffering.  Secondly, polling is not sufficient to indicate that “full legal” can win at the ballot box; support for medical unquestionably can. 

Longer Answer: Comforting the sick, dying and disabled and ushering them off the “battlefield” of the War on Drugs remains the greatest urgency, and with continued intransience of government, a ballot initiative is still the quickest path to change. Cannabis is one plant with a variety of uses, so holistically, the constraints on industrial hemp production as healthy alternative source of foods, building materials, fuel and clothing must be removed as well. Exit polls from the ballot initiatives that passed in Colorado and Washington when compared to Ohio polling show Ohio demographics to be older and more conservative than voters in either of those states. These older voters express the least support for fully legalizing any and all uses of marijuana. Further, while recent polling shows as many as 87% of Ohioans in support of medical marijuana, just 51% voice a similar endorsement of general personal use. Granted, this is up from the 37% in similar question asked in a Columbus Dispatch poll in April 2013. By focusing on just the medical, therapeutic and industrial uses, the OCRA offers a solution to the most urgent needs, while taking a more holistic approach toward the plant that could help to heal both the patient and the planet.