Help Monitor the November 8th Election Electronically

What Remote Electronic Election Monitors Need to Watch For

The integrity of elections matters because, whatever or whomever we choose, we want our vote to count. There has been a lot of recent talk about the importance of election integrity. This is why it is important to monitor election returns and catch attempts at election fraud as they happen. However, in watching the vote totals, we need to know what to look for. Here are some things that should be reported immediately:

1)    Voting counting should proceed at a steady pace. Sudden stops in the vote counting, sudden jumps in the vote totals, sudden completions of vote counting are all suspect and should be examined further.

2)    Precincts tend to be fairly politically homogeneous. Once a precinct reaches 50% of its total votes counted, a swing of more than 3% should not happen. For instance, in a precinct with 1,000 total voters, once 500 total votes are cast and tally 250 Obama 245 Romney and 5 Stein, if at 600 votes counted the tally 280 Obama 310 Romney 10 Stein, or even 300 Obama 280 Romney 20 Stein, the count is suspect.

3)    Watch for undervotes. If the total votes cast for president varies with the number of total votes cast for a senate or congressional race, or varies with total votes cast, the count is suspect.

4)    Watch for phantom votes. If the number of votes cast is greater than or nearly equal to the number of registered voters in a precinct, the count is suspect.

5)    Cross ticket voting. Most voters are party line voters. Conversely, not all voters are party line voters. If the votes for president and senate or congressperson match by less than 5% or vary by more than 10% then count is suspect.

6)    Watch for historical trends. A precinct that changes its alignment by more than 5% from the last election is suspect. Watch this especially in safe Republican districts that may jump from being 65% to 75% Republican. Most of the counties in Ohio are Republican except in the major urban areas which are Democratic, such as Franklin, Lucas, Cuyahoga.

7)    A precinct completes its reporting and says that it is 100% done, and then an hour later “finds” another 100 or 1000 or 10,000 votes.... This is highly suspect.

8)    Precincts that report much earlier or much later than all other precincts in the absence of some obvious problem. Sudden unexplained power outages, missing ballot boxes, ballot couriers getting lost, do not count as obvious problems. We wish to know about these.

9)    The areas where there is a marijuana vote are important to watch. Ballot initiatives to decriminalize marijuana are on the ballot in the cities of Bellaire (Belmont County), Byesville (Guernsey County), Logan (Hocking County), Newark (Licking County) and Roseville (Perry/Muskingum counties). Election watchers should pay special attention to sudden changes in the vote tallies for those counties.

Keep in mind that we may need your observations as affidavits, so keep a journal and note the time. If at any time you note an irregularity, take a screenshot immediately! Write a description and send it to us with the screenshot at once. In this game evidence has a habit of disappearing quickly.

You can email your screenshots or observations concerning the vote to or post them to the Stand Up 4 Your Rights Facebook page. A printable PDF version of these instructions can be found HERE.

The Green Party’s Election Day Command Center will be open 6:30am-11am / 2:30-7:30pm

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