Election Day

Ohio-Rights-Group.jpgWe need as many volunteers to help us cover the polls on election day.  This will propel our signature counts way down the filed and help us get that much closer to victory.  This event can be huge if enough people volunteer.  This is ONE DAY people.  If we get all hands on deck, we win! 

November 05, 2013 at 8am - 8pm
Voting precinct near you (to be assigned)
Dave Churchill ·
Tisha Adams Steve Brown Eric Andes John Vandermark shawn wilson Jordan Wright Jodi Sandoval Terry Hale Paul Losekamp ashley patterson kimberly Sowders alicia bluhm Gobe McCoy Maya Wilkerson Derek Koenig Kevin Nesser Drew Amer Sarah Lapp Chris Hughes Dennis Lambert Nick Lesley Angela Roberts Brittany VanBremen James Hamilton Peter Schanz Kenneth Page Donald Fitch chad thompson Joshua Skiver Karen Seidle Todd Ratkosky Jodi Zander Austin Okey Aaron Dale larry crislip Amy Pettifer Corey Mercer Amy Wollet Yanhui Fang David Rhoton Maddy Halfacre Janet Gonzalez Steven Cleaver Adam McGilvray Corey Stinnett Michelle Nary Elizabeth Ellis nicole barnett

Will you come?