Bill prototype

What might an Ohio medical cannabis bill might look like?
This potential legislation is based on language that came from the very first citizen-led initiative drafted in 2011 by the ballot issue incubator that became the Ohio Rights Group. You can view it HERE.
If enacted, this bill would:
  • Require physicians to recommend in writing that their patient could benefit from medical cannabis.
  • List medical conditions and symptoms likely to benefit from treatment with cannabis.
  • Require patients, cultivators and workers with access to medical cannabis apply for and obtain police verifiable photo identification cards to access medical cannabis.
  • Create a secure, confidential database of medical cannabis patients and workers for verification purposes by law enforcement personnel.
  • Allow a caretaker or person with a medical power of attorney to apply for an ID to obtain medical cannabis for the patient under their care.
  • Limit the amount of medical cannabis allowed by patients to 200 grams and for growing to only 12 mature cannabis plants.
The distribution system would include: 
  • Cultivators who supply patients will be limited to growing 24 plants in a residential area and no more than 96 plants in areas zoned for agriculture, businesses, and industry.
  • Infused product-makers make medical edible products and traditional tinctures for patients who don’t wish to, or can’t smoke their cannabis.
  • Non-profit agricultural cooperatives where patients and growers can come together.
  • Scientific testing facilities to assure patients their cannabis is free of contaminants.
  • Facilities to educate would be cannabis workers and state agents on laws and standards.
  • Retail establishments where patients can buy their medicinal cannabis will be limited in number based on a formula; required to meet strict security and quality control standards; and located at least 500 feet from the nearest school, church or playground; and can be banned by voters under existing Local Option laws.